Bulldog Firenze

About us

Beagle Breeding Farm

We are passionately committed to the selection and breeding of Beagle breed dogs.
Beagle di Casa Gherdovich Breeding Farm stands for quality, reliability and assurance. Thanks to the expertise of our beagle specialist team, we can offer a unique experience to all of those who wish to get close to our extraordinary puppies.

Our team can understand your needs and dispel any doubts you may have in choosing your next puppy. Visit us at our estate to get to know our breeding farm Beagles. You will be won over by their joyful disposition and sweet nature straightaway. All of our Beagle puppies are always born on our premises and are scrupulously cared for 24/7 by our nursery staff to provide you with puppies of the highest standards of excellence.

The ongoing assistance we provide to families who decide to embark on this journey with us is one of our greatest strengths. You will find us to be an essential resource when it comes to properly integrating your new puppy in your home as well as throughout its growth.
You will become part of the large Beagle di Casa Gherdovich family by choosing a beagle from our breeding farm. We look forward to your visit!



    Bulldog Firenze