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The breed

Our breeding farm’s beagles are small breed dogs capable of great things.
Beagles are the most popular hounds in the world because of their many talents and hugely loving nature. They have a remarkably keen sense of smell, which leads them to often become hunting or police dogs that detect explosives and narcotics.

Beagles are extremely friendly and joyful. They have a lively intelligence and quickly responds to stimuli. They are easily trained when well managed and have always been great pets to children with whom they are patient, helpful and never aggressive. The Beagle is nicknamed “nanny dog” because of its tendency to bond with young children. They are great playmates and excellent TV deterrents. Beagles are also ideal buddies for the elderly as they are loyal and unobtrusive friends.

Beagles originate from Great Britain where they were bread down from the larger Foxhound for hare hunting.
During Henry VIII and Elizabeth I’s reigns there were wirehaired Beagles, some of which were small enough to be carried in a hunting jacket pocket. Their size has increased over the years, but sometimes smaller breed versions, called pocket Beagles, are still born.

Small size, keen intelligence, meekness, a tendency to be children’s great friends and a cast-iron health together with an indisputable elegance, make them the ideal family dog.


FCI Standard N°161/ 27.01.2011

BEAGLE ORIGIN: Great Britain


USE: Bloodhound

F.C.I. CLASSIFICATION: Group 6 hounds. Section 1.3 Small-sized Hounds With working trial.

GENERAL APPEARANCE A sturdy hound, with a compact build that conveys a sense of quality without coarseness.

IMPORTANT PROPORTIONS: the head length between the occiput and the tip of the nose is divided by the stop into two parts which are as equal as possible. The height at the elbow is about half the height at the withers.

BEHAVIOR – CHARACTER: a spirited dog, whose essential function is to hunt, especially hare hunting, which it pursues by following a scent. Brave, very active, with stamina and determination. It is also alert, intelligent and with an even temperament. Amiable and alert, it is never aggressive or shy.

HEAD: a rather elongated and powerful head that is not coarse, thinner in the female and its forehead is without frowns or wrinkles.

SKULL AREA: slightly domed, moderately broad and with a slight peak. A well-defined stop that divides, as equally as possible, the length of the skull between the occiput and the tip of the nose into two parts.

SNOUT AREA: a large nose, preferably black, which may have less pigment in light-coated dogs. Wide nostrils, not snipy muzzle and reasonably well flewed lips. Jaws should be strong, with a perfect, regular and complete scissor bite, that is, with the upper teeth closely overlapping the lower teeth and set perpendicularly to the jaws. Eyes are dark brown or hazel, rather large but spaced apart, not deep set nor protruding and with a mild appealing expression. Long ears with rounded tips that reach almost to the end of the nose when drawn out. Ears are set on low, fine-textured and hanging gracefully close to the cheeks.

NECK: long enough for the dog to easily follow scents and slightly arched with a little dewlap.

BODY: compact but well-balanced (short loin-hip area). Straight and horizontal topline, compact but well-balanced loin. Loin is powerful and supple. Chest descends below the elbow. Ribs are well sprung and extended back, belly is without excessive tuck-up.

TAIL: sturdy, moderately long, set on high. It is carried gaily, but not curled over the back or leaning forward from the root. Well supplied with fur, especially on the underside.

FOREQUARTERS: not heavy and sloping shoulder. Firm elbows that are not turned in or out. Forearms are straight, upright and well placed under the body. There is plenty of bone which are round and do not taper to the foot. Metacarpals are short, front feet are tight, firm, well arched and with strong pads. Nails are short.

HINDQUARTERS: muscular thigh, well bent knees, hocks are firm, well let down and parallel to each other. Hind feet are tight, firm well knuckled up and strong padded. Not hare-footed. Nails are short.

GAIT: back is level, firm and without any rolling. Free stride, with a good forehand stretch moving straight forward without raising limbs too much. Hind legs showing good drive. Must not tighten hindquarters or hold open or cross the front.

COAT FUR: short, dense and waterproof.

COLOR: tricolor (black, tan and white), blue, white and tan, badger “pied” , hare “pied,” lemon “pied,” lemon and white, red and white, tan and white, black and white, all white.
All of the above-mentioned colors can be found as mottle with the exception of all white. No other colors are allowed. White tail tip.

SIZE: Minimum desirable height at withers: 33 cm. Maximum desirable height at withers: 40 cm.

DEFECTS: any departure from the above shall be regarded as a defect and the severity with which the defect should be regarded shall be proportionate to its degree and to its effect on the health, welfare of the dog and its ability to perform its traditional work.

DISQUALIFYING DEFECTS: ♣ aggressive or overly shy dog ♣ Any dog that clearly displays physical or behavioral abnormalities will be disqualified.

N.B. Males must have two apparently normal testicles fully descended into the scrotum.


We passionately raise our puppies that are born by mating the most important breeding stock which is carefully selected by Beagle di Casa Gherdovich.

By choosing to welcome one of our puppies into your home, you will be responsible for the well-being of a small living creature and you will become their only reason for living. The ideal Beagle owner is someone who enjoys interacting with its joyful, friendly and active nature. A family with children is the ideal environment for a Beagle. There is no other breed that is able to establish such a symbiotic relationship with the youngest members of the family.

You can rely on us worry-free. Our breeding farm places the puppies’ well-being and the peace of mind of the families getting ready to welcome them places at the top of the list.



    Bulldog Firenze